Robert Bowen – Former State Representative

Robert Bowen – Former State Representative

I have been an active Democrat since I was 12 when John Kennedy’s motorcade passed by my school. He made eye contact with me as he passed. From that moment, I was moved to volunteer for his campaign and have worked for the ideals he represented ever since.

I am a fourth generation Coloradan. My family lived in the Westside near the Auraria campus and ran a corner grocery store. We moved to North Park Hill when I was in Middle School, years, then to Northwest Denver. I am a graduate of Metropolitan State College and was student body president and a student activist.

In 1982, I was appointed to the State House of Representatives from Denver’s District 4, and was elected for three terms. At that time, Republicans held super-majorities in both Houses. Nevertheless, I was able to pass some significant legislation that benefits the people of Colorado to this day. These included the used car lemon law; a joint custody law; a bill giving the Metropolitan Denver area more representation on the Highway Commission (the precursor to the DOT); and a bill that resulted in RTD building Denver’s Light Rai System. At the time, no one including RTD and the legislature was even talking about mass transit.

Besides my service in the legislature, I served a District Captain in Denver at age 21; managed several Democratic campaigns, including a state-wide campaign in New York, and several legislative campaigns in Colorado. I was involved in Pat Schroeder’s first campaign.

I am officially retired (in name only). Recently, I have published a book and just finished a writing second. In 2014 and 2016, I ran for State Representative in House District 38, and was unsuccessful in both attempts. Nevertheless I remain an advocate for several issues including the environment and the homeless. I am a Hardcore Democrat and know that we must elect Democrats at all levels in Colorado.

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