Joseph Salazar – Hardcore Democrats

Joseph Salazar – Hardcore Democrats

Joseph Salazar is a Colorado native whose family roots in Colorado and New Mexico go back generations. He was the first in his family to go to college. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 1993. Upon completing his undergraduate degree, he worked for the state as a civil rights and criminal investigator.

In 2003, Joe graduated from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. Upon graduating from DU, Joe was awarded the coveted John Phillip Linn Employment Law Award, for his excellence in employment law. For the past 14 years, Joe’s practice has included high profile employment discrimination and constitutional law cases, primarily against government bad actors.

In November 2012, Joe was elected to the Colorado House of Representatives. Joe is known for his hard hitting, progressive leadership style. As a freshman legislator, he served as a primary co-sponsor of civil rights legislation that had been unsuccessfully introduced for nearly two decades. The Job Protection and Civil Rights Enforcement Act of 2013 passed both chambers and was signed into law.

Joe has championed numerous other important pieces of legislation, such as repealing Colorado’s racial profiling law called “Show Me Your Papers”; eliminating debtor’s prisons in Colorado; fighting for in-state tuition for tribally enrolled American Indian students whose tribes have historic ties to Colorado; sponsoring the Homeless Right to Rest bill; and passing the Citizens Right to Record Police Activity bill. During the 2017 session, Joe passed the Hate Crimes Statistics Recording Act, which requires the state to track hate crimes. Joe also passed the game-changing Behavioral Mental Health Crises Response legislation that stops the incarceration of Coloradans who are suffering from a mental health crises and provides resources for rapid intervention and assistance.

Each year, Joe unabashedly supports equal pay for equal work, supports and defends women’s reproductive choice and he continuously fights for LGBTQ rights.

Because of his indigenous roots, every year Joe summons the might and fury of his ancestors to protect our environment and children from polluters through legislation such as the Oil and Gas Liability Act.

Joe is currently running for the Office of the Colorado Attorney General. He knows the Attorney General’s position is the tip of the spear in combating federal overreach and protecting Coloradans from being terrorized by this Administration. He also recognizes that the Office of the Colorado Attorney General has been sold to the highest bidder by past administrations and candidates. He will return the position to the People where he will continue his work on criminal justice reform, consumer protection, environmental protections and advancing the civil rights of all people.

Most importantly, however, his family is his rock. He is the proud husband of Jessica Salazar and the Creator blessed him with two powerful daughters, Alex and Lili.