Dave Young – District Attorney

Dave Young – District Attorney

Dave is the proud father of two great boys and is blessed to be married to his wonderful wife Denise. Dave has been a prosecutor for twenty-four years serving the citizens of Colorado as a dedicated public servant assisting victims of crimes get through the most difficult situations of their lives.

Dave’s Humble Beginnings

Dave’s story starts from humble beginnings. His parents met and were married while his father was serving for the United States Air Force stationed in Madrid, Spain. Dave’s mother, Gloria, was born and raised in Spain and moved to the United States soon after Dave’s older brother was born. His parents divorced when Dave was at a young age and his mother was left to raise Dave and his brother as a single parent with little English skills. Dave was raised in a bi-lingual household and is fluent in Spanish, his mother’s native language. Growing up in Colorado, Dave excelled at soccer and through hard work and perseverance, a hallmark of Dave’s personal and professional life, he was able to attend College after receiving a soccer scholarship to Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas.


Dave graduated from Midwestern State University in 1987 and received a grant to attend a pre-law school federally funded program known as Council on Legal Education Opportunity (CLEO). In 1968, CLEO was founded as a non-profit project of the ABA Fund for Justice and Education to expand opportunities for minorities, low income and disadvantage students to attend law school. This program enabled Dave to gain admission into the University of Wyoming, College of Law. Dave graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1991.

Prosecution Experience

After law school Dave began his commitment to public service as a Deputy District Attorney in El Paso and Teller counties. As a member of the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s Office Dave handled all aspects of a prosecutor’s office to include misdemeanor cases, felony cases and juvenile cases. Dave was promoted to lead Deputy of Vehicular Homicide Cases for the Fourth Judicial District. Dave was tasked with the responsibilities of being the Drug Czar for the jurisdiction overseeing the major drug cases in the jurisdiction. Dave was responsible for handling many of the most high profile cases in El Paso County history including capital murder cases that have been profiled in books and on television. Dave also headed up the homicide unit in the Fourth Judicial District Attorney’s office. Dave participated in the investigation, filing, review and supervision of every homicide in the jurisdiction during his role as the head of the homicide unit.

Experience in Adams and Broomfield Counties

In 2005, Don Quick recruited Dave to bring his expertise and extensive trial practice to Adams and Broomfield Counties as a Chief Trial Deputy and an integral part of Mr. Quick’s management team. Dave was not only responsible for the management of felony deputies and staff, but continued his prosecution of major cases including high profile capital murder cases personally assigned to him by the elected District Attorney. In 2010, Dave was promoted to Assistant District Attorney which is second only to the elected District Attorney and Dave’s responsibilities included the day to day supervision of the entire office.┬áDave was elected to District Attorney in November of 2012.

Important Criminal Cases

Dave has been entrusted with some of the most crucial and important cases in Adams and Broomfield County during his tenure with the office. Cases such as: People v. Washington, a case involving a man murdering an Aurora Police Detective; People v. Fowler a Murder case involving business partners where the victim was executed at point blank range with shots to the back of the head; People v. Arguello involving a double murder of a mother and infant child. Dave’s career demonstrates his lifelong commitment to doing justice and this is demonstrated not only by his exemplary trial work but also by his commitment to seeking the right and just outcome as a prosecutor. His proudest moment as a prosecutor is not the numerous high profile convictions he has obtained throughout his career, but the dismissal of a homicide case due to his committed investigation to reach the truth and clear a defendant of wrongdoing rather than convict an innocent person.

Re-Elect Dave Young for District Attorney

Dave is excited about the opportunity to continue to hold the trust and respect of the citizens of Adams and Broomfield counties that he is honored and privileged to serve through the pursuit of justice through the fair and ethical prosecutions of criminal offenders. He is committed to continue to seek justice for victims of crime and to create a safer community through positive partnerships with law enforcement and other community members.cp

For more information: daveyoungda.com