Charles Scheibe – Hardcore Democrats

Charles Scheibe – Hardcore Democrats

Charles is not a career politician. He is an experienced businessman who has spent the past 11 years managing the state of Colorado’s $29 billion budget as the COO/CFO for the Department of Treasury. His experience as CFO has highly prepared him for the State Treasurer’s job, as he has overseen and participated in all of the office’s operations and responsibilities.

Before his work as CFO, Charles spent over 30 years in the private sector, starting as an accountant and auditor. He served 17 years in the banking industry, where he served in many executive roles. He directed financial services and facilitated public finance for an agency providing affordable housing. He also founded and managed several of his own startups in the hospitality and professional services industries. Charles then worked for the offices of Deloitte, where he consulted Fortune 500 companies.

Charles is a successful businessman who has started companies, made payrolls, and created jobs and opportunities. While there are many great candidates running for State Treasurer, Charles’ long career in business, finance, and public service coupled with his unique knowledge of the position make him the most qualified.

Charles is not only an active participant in Colorado’s business community, but also the great outdoors. His passion is running, having completed 205 marathons/ultra-marathons, 82 of which have been in Colorado. Over his running career, he has participated in more than 1,400 races.

Charles loves trail running, because there’s an element of unknown. No two trail races are alike, and you must be able to adapt to the terrain of each race. Charles has learned many lessons while running trails that he has been able to apply to his career. Notably, he completed Rim-to-Rim-to Rim of the Grand Canyon, which consists of 50 miles of sustaining yourself with what little you can carry on your back. There is an extreme amount of planning and strategizing in running this distance, because many things can and will go wrong.

Through running, Charles has learned to persevere, even when times are difficult, and the body wants to stop. He strongly believes that running is a perfect emulation of life, because of the many mental and physical challenges that arise while running. Charles runs for the competition, the stress relief, and to experience the beauty that Colorado has to offer. Many weekends, you will find Charles running.

Connect with Charles. Website: @CharlesScheibeforColorado State Treasurer on Facebook.

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