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It’s very simple,

Colorado Democratic candidates that we endorse and support have a lot in common. Each will continuously support a woman’s right to choose. Equal pay for equal work and LGBT rights. Common sense gun laws. Not to leave out promoting clean renewable energy.

Along with Justice system reforms that include drug addiction and mental health therapy not jail time. Immigration laws that strive for inclusion since our country is stronger because of our diversity and we must leave the environment in better shape than we found it, It’s for our children.

Hardcore Democrats
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If you are a democrat you want democrats in office and running your government. This organization promotes hardcore democrats only. We vet our candidates and hold them to the highest standards, but that’s not all we do.

We promote the candidates that don’t have teams of organizers and large money donors. Many of these races get over looked, and great candidates farther down the ballot lose. You can put a stop to this, your donation will help democrats across the state of Colorado win and retain their seats.

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